Precision Hair Removal and Skin Care delivers the best permanent hair removal results in the shortest period of time.

Our special techniques and the latest technology in the hands of highly skilled electrologists make all the difference.

That is our promise to you: to give you the best results in the shortest time. We will use our extensive experience, unsurpassed expertise and unrelenting dedication to make you happy. And we will provide this in an environment that is safe, caring, and kind.

You may feel like you are alone in having unwanted hair, but you’re really not. Believe it or not, your hair problems are probably typical. There are many reasons people–both men and women– turn to electrolysis as the best way to remove hair. No matter what the specific problem area, age, gender, hair or skin type, hair color or skin color, you have plenty of company and electrolysis can help. Every day, people just like you choose electrolysis as a permanent, safe, and effective solution.

Electrolysis has existed for over 130 years—originally developed in 1875 by an Ophtalmologist to remove his patients’ painful ingrown eyelashes. It has been and continues to be the only 100% permanent hair removal method for all hair colors and skin colors.

Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted hair, regardless of the cause: heredity, metabolics, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, or MTF. It uses an electrical current passed through a needle, which is inserted down the hair follicle. It is the only method approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair removal. In contrast, FDA-approved lasers are approved for permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis Rates

60 Minutes — $100
45 Minutes — $80
30 Minutes — $60
15 Minutes — $35

How electrolysis and laser therapy differ:
Electrolysis = permanent hair removal for everyone.
Laser = hair reduction for some.

Because lasers work by destroying pigment, they are not effective in removing light hair on fair skin nor dark hair on dark skin. Electrolysis works on these hairs because its mechanism of action has nothing to do with pigment: it uses an electrical current passed through a needle, which is inserted down the hair follicle.

An additional potential downside: with the use of laser treatments on any area that is strongly affected by androgens, a paradoxical overgrowth of thick dark hairs can occur on the sides of the face, sideburn area and neck. This will not ever occur with electrolysis.

Electrolysis is effective for many people and many reasons.
Read about the permanent hair removal we provide for:

+ Hormonal issues, including PCOS

Throughout women’s lives, hormones fluctuate and can cause hair to grow unexpectedly. Hormonal changes and imbalances, including PCOS, account for many problems besides unwanted hair. You may want to see an endocrinologist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. For the hair, the solution is electrolysis.

+ Transgender Individuals

If you are looking for a treatment to permanently remove facial hair and excess body hair as part of your gender confirmation process, electrolysis is the solution for you. It’s the key to attaining the smooth, sophisticated, hair-free look you desire. Indeed, it is the only permanent solution for hair removal approved by the FDA.

+ Men and Athletes

Some men just naturally have too much body hair for their own sense of style or their partner’s aesthetic taste. If you have excess neck, back, ear or beard hair, electrolysis can be a permanent solution for you. Electrolysis is also of benefit to athletes in competition, a fraction of a second can make a difference. A streamlined body can cut down on wind or water friction, provide a comfortable “feel” during athletic activity and make hygiene easier.

+ Teenagers

The earliest age for treatment depends upon the motivation of the young person. Most electrologists want to make sure that it’s the young person, and not a parent, who is deciding that it’s time for electrology treatments.

+ Dark Skin and Curly Hair

Have you been told that your hair type or skin tone is the reason you are not a candidate for hair removal treatment? You should speak to our professional electrologists, because not only is electrolysis safe and effective for all types of hair and skin tones, it’s also the only treatment that removes hair permanently.

+ Sensitive Areas

Professionally performed electrolysis will safely and permanently eliminate unwanted hair from the breasts and nearby sensitive areas with unsurpassed results.