We are experts in large volume hair removal for transgender women

At Precision Hair Removal, we have extensive experience (hundreds of patients from across the country and Europe over the past five years.) in large volume hair removal—which can be the most effective, expeditious, safest and least painful way of removing substantial amounts of body hair. This is of particular significance to the MtF transgender patient.

It is critical to know that we offer the only place in the United States where twilight sedation along with nerve blocks and lidocaine injections are done in a surgical setting (at the Zukowski Center in Wilmette) in conjunction with large-volume hair removal. This allows for long, multi-technician sessions for more thorough, pain-free hair removal, thus shortening the total length of time required to achieve the results you want.

We couple expertise with compassion for the person and the process.

Beauty and Identity. These are concepts everyone understands, yet they are perceived and expressed uniquely by each individual. Your own sense of beauty is based on a highly personal insight into your true identity, which is the whole reason for your gender transition. When you feel authentic and attractive, life feels more vibrant and fulfilling.

At times we seek assistance to enhance our appearance so we can be truly comfortable with ourselves and embrace life more fully. You may find, as many others have, that permanent hair removal can help you express your finest self and reveal the beautiful individual that you are.

If you are looking for a treatment to permanently remove facial hair and excess body hair as part of your gender confirmation process, electrolysis is the solution for you. It’s the key to attaining the smooth, sophisticated, hair-free look you desire. Indeed, it is the only permanent solution for hair removal approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Helpful advice from some of our current and past transgender clients.

  • “Don’t become discouraged.  It’s a long, expensive process that requires perseverance and patience.  It is a necessary step in transition.  I realize everyone’s journey and priorities vary, but if electrolysis is in your future, start saving for it.  If you’re young, you may have the time to proceed two or three hours per session.  Large volume electrolysis is meant for those who want to complete the process in a year or so, rather than five or six years.  Keep in mind, depending on the density of your beard, a full clearing can take from 100 to 200 hours.” –Donnelly
  • “Understand that this is an intense procedure so it’s important to be doing this in a safe place. Precision is that place—in every meaning of the word.”
  • “The important thing is to be mentally prepared that this is a PROCESS. Follow the schedule. Allow for time and regularity. It takes time and each person’s session and response is different. Be patient and confident that Irina and her team will make it work.” –MH

+ Will an electrologist understand what transgender is about?

We absolutely understand that permanent hair removal is a very important part of your process. You’re on hormone therapy to reduce new hair growth, but you need a permanent solution for existing facial and body hair. Perhaps you’ve done your homework and know electrolysis is the only permanent method, but you’re afraid to pick up the phone. It’s best to select a certified electrologist to ensure that you are working with someone who takes utmost care and pride in performing their professional responsibilities, let alone one who is knowledgeable about transgender treatment. As professional electrologists, we are fully aware of what you are trying to accomplish and how electrolysis fits into your process. We have the utmost respect for you, your choices and your privacy.

+ Will the electrologist have experience with transgender clients?

It’s likely, but don’t be afraid to ask. If they don’t, and you would be more comfortable with someone who has other transgender clients, ask for a referral. Electrologists like those of us at Precision Hair Removal and Skin Care are highly experienced with the transgender population; and we have referral sources of MDs, cosmetologists, estheticians, massage therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists to share with you, if you wish. We can be a valuable partner in your transition. We want you to feel very confident coming to us.

+ Can electrolysis remove hair in the genital area?

Yes, however, we may ask which surgeon you are working with in order to follow his/her pre-surgical protocols. It is important to allow sufficient time prior to surgery to complete genital hair removal in order to prevent future ingrown hairs internally. Irina Cardos, the founder of Precision Hair Removal spent several years honing her craft working with Dr Zukowski, a renowned transgender surgeon, so she knows the importance of that relationship and communication.

+ Why does the electrologist need to know what protocol or program I’m on?

We understand the serious commitment necessary to make a gender transition and we take it as seriously as you do. It is important to ensure that your electrolysis treatments occur at the right point in your process and in a way that works in concert with your health and long-term goals. We spend a good deal of time with you to plan the process—both the timing and the treatments that will best serve you and produce the most successful results.

Transgender MtF Electrolysis Hair Removal Rates and Packages

Designed to provide large volume hair removal, the following packages allow for electrolysis hair removal from two electrolysis technicians working simultaneously to provide you with twice the clearing. Your hair removal procedure will be performed with the benefit of topical numbing creams, local nerve and field blocks with light narcotic twilight sleep, and optional anti-swelling therapy.

Our proprietary progressive epilation technique coupled with insulated probes delivers effectiveness and comfort.

Electrolysis hair removal treatments are available for the face, body, breast and genital areas for pre-op and post-op Facial Feminization, GRS, SRS surgeries.

All treatments are expertly performed by Irina Cardos, LE, CPE, CE and her team of licensed electrologists.

Large Volume Hair Removal Packages (described below), at the Zukowski Center Include:

  • Prescription Strength Topical Lidocaine
  • Intravenous “Twilight Sleep” Sedation
  • Nerve Block / Lidocaine Injection

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is recommended. This exclusive treatment approach uniquely integrates the most advanced lymphatic drainage therapies available in the world, including: Vacuodermie, Pressodermie, and Lymphobiology.

Our approach will allow for these improved results:

  • Dramatically shorten your recovery time
  • Significantly reduce bruising, swelling and excess fluid retention in your face
  • Help your skin regain elasticity and tightness
  • Please complete our Client Information form prior to scheduling your consultation or appointment.
  • NOTE: Use of any medicine or narcotics administered to aid in the comfort of a client is contingent on approval of current medical history and wellness by Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

30 Hour Package: The Lumberjack

  • Two  8-hour days performed by 2 Electrologists
  • $4300 with a deposit of $800 required*
  • Lymphatic Recovery Treatment (optional and recommended): $195.00
  • Topical Lidocaine: Complimentary
  • Intravenous “Twilight” Sedation: Included
  • Lidocaine Injection: Included
  • Pre-Electrolysis Hydrating Facial: $90/60 minutes

23 Hour Package: The Premier

  • One 12-hour day performed by 2 Electrologists
  • $3030 with a deposit of $600 required*
  • Lymphatic Recovery Treatment (optional and recommended): $195.00
  • Topical Lidocaine: Complimentary
  • Intravenous “Twilight” Sedation: Included
  • Lidocaine Injection: Included
  • Pre-Electrolysis Hydrating Facial: $90/60 minutes

Pre-Surgical SRS
GRS “South Sole Work”

  • Offered at The Zukowski Center
  • $140 per hour 
  • Topical Lidocaine: Complimentary
  • Intravenous “Twilight” Sedation: $250
  • Lidocaine Injection: $250

15 Hour Package: The Petite

  • One 8-hour day performed by 2 Electrologists
  • $2150 with a deposit of $400 required*
  • Lymphatic Recovery Treatment (optional and recommended): $195.00 
  • Topical Lidocaine: Complimentary
  • Intravenous “Twilight” Sedation: Included
  • Lidocaine Injection: Included
  • Pre-Electrolysis Hydrating Facial: $90/60 minutes

7.5 Hour Package: The Final Touch

  • One  8-hour day performed by 1 Electrologist
  • $1325 with a deposit of $200 required*
  • Lymphatic Recovery Treatment (optional and recommended): $195.00
  • Topical Lidocaine: Complimentary
  • Intravenous “Twilight” Sedation: Included
  • Lidocaine Injection: Included
  • Pre-Electrolysis Hydrating Facial: $90/60 minutes

Traditional Epilation

  • 1 hour of electrolysis performed by up to two electrologists
  • $110 per electrologist

Understanding the Importance of the Transgender Facial

For our transgender clients, we highly recommend a facial prior to your electrolysis treatment, as it will boost the hydration level of the skin. This is important because the electricity requires water to work—so well-hydrated skin makes the electrolysis treatment more successful. It also helps the skin to recover more quickly.

Physical transformation often begins with hormonal therapy. As a result, most transsexuals notice significant changes in the quality of their skin. For transsexual women these changes include softening, thinning, less oil production, itchiness, and sometimes the appearance of pigmentation (which may become permanent).

If you are doing laser or electrolysis hair removal treatments, you are affecting the oil glands. Lack of oil on the skin leads to the loss of its protective barrier, and the loss of water. This may cause skin sensitivity.

For Transgender men, testosterone creates an oilier canvas, which can lead to acne. If you have noticed acne flares. that is an indication of an increase in oil production as a result of testosterone intake. Controlling the oil production and inhibiting the growth of P. acnes bacteria will be the main concern of skin care.

Most changes in skin quality occur over a one-to-three year period, but it is vital to follow the right skin-care regimen in order to improve your skin health during your transition.

We are fully aware of skin problems as a result of hormonal changes.

So with our Transgender Facials we provide customized skin care treatments that are right for you and your unique skin issues, including:

  • Exfoliation and extractions on clogged pores and/or ingrown hairs caused by folliculitis barbae.
  • High frequency treatments
  • Hydrating massages
  • Calming or purifying masks

Afterwards, we will discuss the next treatment and skin care regimen that will give you the best final result.


60 minutes – $90