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Irina Cardos, LE, CPE, CE

Irina Cardos, LE, CPE, CE

Founder, Precision Hair Removal and Skin Care

Irina’s passion is people. More specifically, helping people to feel good about themselves. To feel comfortable in their own skin. She possesses enormous compassion for everyone and the issues they confront. Because Precision Hair Removal and Skin Care specializes in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), the transgender community, and the hirsute female, special care and understanding are required.

By creating Precision Hair Removal and Skin Care, Irina now provides cutting edge services to those in need of electrolysis and advanced skin care. You will experience service with a European inspiration from a professional, licensed Electrologist/Clinical Esthetician.

Irina studied at Accurate Academy of Electrology to become a State Licensed Electrologist (LE), and at Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute to become a Clinical Esthetician (CE). She has also been tested through The International Board of Electrologist Certification (IBEC) and holds the highest title of Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). She is also a member of the American Electrology Association and Electrology Association of Illinois.

She has developed prodigious skill in providing care and results of the highest caliber, while maintaining the highest standards in sanitation and sterilization. She uses the most advanced permanent hair removal technology known to date and is able to provide client-specific care.

An interesting and perhaps humorous sidenote about Irina: she was formerly an accountant (the equivalent of a CPA) in Romania. So, ironically, she has gone from counting money to counting hair!

What the Credentials Mean

  • LE: Licensed Electrologist
  • CPE: Certified Professional Electrologist
  • CE: Clinical Esthetician

Large Volume Hair Removal

Irina also works with her sister affiliate About You Permanent Hair Removal, performing Large Volume Hair Removal sessions at The Zukowski Center For Cosmetic Surgery. These sessions include IV sedation and Lidocaine injections to treatment zones for maximum comfort.

Irina and her staff of electrologists offer a personal treatment plan for specific areas of hair removal, including those seeking facial hair removal. These sessions are provided in a private, professional environment for your convenience and comfort. Please take a moment to complete the Client Information and Evaluation form before scheduling your complimentary permanent hair removal consultation!

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Ivana Proscurov, Electrologist & Esthetician

Ivana Proscurov, LE

Electrologist & Esthetician

Licensed Electrologist and Licensed Esthetician, Accurate Academy of Electrology and Estelle Skin Care Institute respectively.

Ivana chose skin care and electrolysis as her career after realizing her love of helping people feel good about themselves. She is certified in various skin procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, and has taken many advanced courses. Her work involves finding a unique blend of treatments that are highly customized to fit her client’s unique skin needs. She believes that monthly treatments, a good regimen at home, and a healthy lifestyle is the secret for great looking skin.

“I am passionate about offering the safest and most comfortable electrolysis services. My greatest reward is to watch clients’ confidence and self-esteem improve dramatically when they permanently remove hair that has been bothering them for years.”

Dagmara Klos

Dagmara Klos, LE


Accurate Academy of Electrology

Dagmara was a certified nursing assistant before becoming a state certified electrologist. Her passion to help people guided her into the medical field and then into electrology. She realized her calling for electrology after she experienced the procedure herself and the self esteem boost it gave her. Dagmara loves using different techniques for each individual person in our diverse client base. This drives her to constantly pursue further education and training to stay at the forefront of the field.

“I love electrology because it worked for me and I want to see the joy in other people when it works for them. Outside work, I love spending time with my kids and family.”

Valeria Tartacovschi

Valeria Tartacovschi, LE


Accurate Academy of Electrology

Electrolysis became Valeria’s passion and career after having a personal, “magical” experience with electrolysis as Irina’s client. Her desire is to help people feel better about themselves and their appearance every time they look in the mirror. By performing this effective permanent method of hair removal she is changing clients life by boosting self confidence and self-esteem.

“After being in my client’s place and having 100% results, I know that permanent hair removal by electrolysis is the only method that really works for everyone, and really makes everyone happy.”

Natalia Danilovtseva

Natalia Danilovtseva

Permanent Makeup Artist

Natalia has degrees in art, technology and design from the University of Kiev. After 20 years of experience, she became a certified teacher and make-up specialist through Atelier Paris. As a certified specialist in permanent make-up, she has participated in international congresses and developed diverse techniques and methods. She is also a certified judge of eyelash extension contests. Additionally, Natalia has collaborated with medical centers in the field of scar correction including restoration of the areola after breast surgery.

“I’m highly skilled at coloristics in permanent makeup and visage/make-up (the design and coloring of the eyebrows and eyelashes), and the different techniques of eyelash extensions. I love my job and love to help women feel beautiful, happier, and more positive. I appreciate perfection, neatness, and attention to the little details–especially the nuances of shape and color. My clients appreciate me for my thoroughness and helpful attitude–and they come back!”

Tamara Rothmann

Tamara Rothmann, LE


Tamara has been licensed for 8 years after training at Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute. As an esthetician and make-up artist she also provides skin health services preceding and following electrolysis treatments. Her 7 years of experience in a multi-disciplinary spa setting as lead esthetician gave her a diverse skill set. Tamara is an eager participant in continuing education on new product lines, modalities, and therapies so as to offer the most effective service to both clients in her care and to collaborative work relationships.

“I adhere strongly to a collaborative approach to aesthetics, creating individualized treatment programs so as to provide compassionate care and health education to my clients. My treatment courses are designed to ensure that each client’s concerns are addressed, while targeted therapies are recommended to alleviate or treat skin health conditions for holistic and preventative health.”

Daniel Rutkowski

Daniel Rutkowski, LE, CPE

Electrologist & Esthetician

Licensed Electrologist and Licensed Esthetician

Daniel started his career in esthetics in 2011 and has gone on to become an experienced skin care educator. He is also a board-certified electrologist and holds the highest title of Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE).

He has extensive ingredient and product knowledge across numerous professional skin care brands. He focuses on results-oriented treatments and creating optimal home care regimens to correct skin issues such as acne, pre-mature aging, and hyper pigmentation.

“I’m dedicated to expanding my electrology and esthetics knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible results for all of my clients.”